We can achieve better throttle response, remove speed limiters, improve fuel consumption and significantly increase power and torque. We can also wire and tune standalone ECUs (such as AEM, MoTeC, Haltech, PFC, Megasquirt, VEMS etc).


Deactivation and removal of DPF (FAP, RPF), EGR, FLAPS system. Disabling of catalytic converter monitoring processes (and related DTCs). Disabling of secondary O2 sensors (CAT removal). Solution to AdBlue® problems and more.


We’re able to solve virtually any kind of your electronic needs. Simple (boost control, water methanol injection, additional gauges etc.) as well as more complicated. Will help to choose the components, install, tune, diagnose etc.

Metal works

High quality welding (TIG). Custom exhaust systems and intake manifolds design/fabrication, as well as non-standard parts from stainless steel, aluminum, titan and other metals.

BMW E46 (N54 engine)

  BMW E46 with N54 engine (E9x 335i) N54, twin VTT GC lite turbos, manual gearbox, E85 fuel system capable of at least 1000hp (dual high pressure fuel pumps managed with standalone controller), highly customized software (MSD8.1 ecu, no JB4...
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Audi TTrs Plus

  Originally: Audi TTrs plus, 2012, 355hp (360ps), S-Tronic gearbox. Our mods: Hi-performance downpipe (with Hi-Flow cat). Engine ECU tuning (custom remap). Gearbox ECU tuning (performance and reliability tweaks). About 410hp and much faster car overall.      
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Racing E46 with S65b40 V8 and DCT

  Our work: Custom stainless steel exhaust, engine tuning.      
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VW Golf VI GTI (edition 35)

  Originally: VW Golf VI GTI edition 35 (235hp) Our work: K04 turbo installed with supporting mods (Hi performance intercooler etc…). Suspension and brakes upgrade. Exhaust. Engine tuning (ECU remap). Clutch upgrade. Result – 360Hp and much quicker car overall.  ...
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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

  Originally: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, 2010, 457hp. Our mods: Engine ECU tuning (custom remap) – 530Hp. Limited slip differential installation and adjustment.      
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Audi RS4, 4.2V8 FSI

Chiptuning, Intake runner flaps disabled, SAI disabled. ~440hp
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Porsche 911 (997) Carrera 4S

  Originally: Porsche 911/997 4S, natural aspirated engine (M97). Mods: Forced induction installed. GT35 turbocharger (divided twin scroll setup), custom stainless steel exhaust, engine ECU tuning.      
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Audi RS6, 5.0 V10 TFSI

Our work: Chiptuning (ECU remap), Intake, ~730HP. In progress: bigger turbos, transmission mods, 900HP+    
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bmw m135i

BMW m135i, N55

Our work: Intake, Exhaust, engine ECU tuning. Around 390HP currently.    
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